New ASCs… New MOB Opportunities

February 25, 2023

Investment February 25, 2023/Investment Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) construction is on the rise.    There are several reasons for this… and this healthcare trend introduces new MOB opportunities.    The pandemic led to huge numbers of medical procedures being delayed… resulting in a massive backlog of procedures that people need soon.   Meanwhile, it’s no…


Bad Systems… Bad Results

February 19, 2023

Leadership February 19, 2023/Leadership Success has many parents but failure is an orphan.    Anyone who’s spent time working a bureaucracy has seen how this plays out… where mistakes are somehow collective and impossible to anticipate, although there’s usually a fall guy.   A powerful example of this is last month’s travel meltdowns in our…


Rural Healthcare Is Changing… New MOB Opportunities

February 13, 2023

Investment February 13, 2023/Investment There are major demographic shifts underway in America, and Alliance is keeping a close eye on them. Opportunities are everywhere, if you know how to find them.   For years now, and especially in this period of higher inflation, we’ve been seeing a significant population shift away from expensive primary cities…


Outpatient Demand On The Rise

February 6, 2023

Investment February 6, 2023/Investment Outpatient Services demand is predicted to rise by 16% in the next decade, according to Avison Young.   This continuous uptick in healthcare demand is a key reason that MOB (Medical Office Buildings) continues to be a terrific bet for real estate investors.   There are multiple drivers for why outpatient…


Construction Sector Has Been Expensive… and Slow

February 2, 2023

Development February 2, 2023/Development While inflation may be cooling somewhat, construction prices remain high. This simple fact has big implications for real estate markets.   It takes a long time to bring a new building to market, so today’s construction activity can tell us a lot about where the market will be years in the…


Healthcare Is Consolidating… That’s Good For MOBs

January 27, 2023

Investment January 27, 2023/Investment We see new headlines all the time… the US Healthcare system is consolidating into fewer, bigger players.   This is being driven largely by economics… as there’s greater incentives for providers to team up for scale benefits. Many community hospitals are being scooped up into regional hospital systems. And medical groups…


Retail Vacancy Is At 15yr Low… That’s Good For MOBs

January 19, 2023

Investment January 19, 2023/Investment Shopping Centers are full of businesses again.   The retail vacancy rate has fallen to 5.7%, which is the lowest it’s been since 2007 (according to Cushman & Wakefield).   This is a strong bounceback for retail occupancy given how bad things got during the COVID lockdowns.    Retail and Medical…


MOB Investors Worry Less About Inflation

January 12, 2023

Investment January 12, 2023/Investment The good news… Inflation is down a bit over the last few months.   The bad news… it’s still remarkably high.   +6.5% year-over-year from December ’22 versus December ’21. That’s a BIG number.   The Fed is doing all they can to signal continued hawkishness… but, of course, they also…


Tech Should Work for Us

January 3, 2023

Leadership January 3, 2023/Leadership This New Year, I’m thinking about how to lead a more mindful and intentional life… including wasting less time on mindless activities, and on goals that aren’t true priorities.   The modern world offers so many distractions. It’s alarmingly easy to fall into reflexive action, rather than intentional action.   Our…


Challenges Bring Next Investment Opportunities

November 30, 2022

Investment November 30, 2022/Investment Business news has been turbulent recently.    Crypto busts, layoffs, inflation, corporate earnings – it has been a rough year for many families, and a hit for many investors.    In times like these, I find it really helps to keep a long term investment perspective in mind.   Every macro…


Are You Asking the Right Interview Questions?

November 21, 2022

Leadership November 21, 2022/Leadership Nothing is more important to the success of a growing business than building a great team. But finding the right people is easier said than done.   These days, there are plenty of candidates with sparkling resumes. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to list claimed accomplishments than to truly be the driver…


Appreciation and Gratitude

November 17, 2022

Leadership November 17, 2022/Leadership Thoughtful, sincere praise might be the most underutilized gift leaders can give.    Everybody wants to feel that they are valued, and be recognized for it.   The holidays is the time in the calendar that managers often do this most deliberately. Whether it’s bonuses, personalized notes, 1:1 meetings, or something…


Kryptonite for Decision-Making

November 10, 2022

Investment November 10, 2022/Investment Few things are more important in business, and in life, than good judgment.    Believe it or not… Judgment is a skill that we learn and cultivate. It isn’t a personal trait that you have or don’t have.    There are many ways to develop good judgment, but right now I…


Yes! Your Job Can Be Creative

November 1, 2022

Leadership November 1, 2022/Leadership I heard a quote recently that really resonated with me. “Creativity starts with an empty calendar and ends with a full one.”   With all the demands of work and life, it’s very easy to fill up every waking minute with focused and productive activities. I have also noticed over the…


Quiet Quitting Shouldn’t Be Controversial

October 20, 2022

Leadership October 20, 2022/Leadership Media has been filled with stories about “quiet quitting”.    These stories often have a tone of indignation: what is wrong with workers today?   If you aren’t familiar, quiet quitting refers to workers who stop making any extra effort. I believe employers who think this is outrageous are misunderstanding something…