Challenges Bring Next Investment Opportunities

November 30, 2022

Investment November 30, 2022/Investment Business news has been turbulent recently.    Crypto busts, layoffs, inflation, corporate earnings – it has been a rough year for many families, and a hit for many investors.    In times like these, I find it really helps to keep a long term investment perspective in mind.   Every macro…


Are You Asking the Right Interview Questions?

November 21, 2022

Leadership November 21, 2022/Leadership Nothing is more important to the success of a growing business than building a great team. But finding the right people is easier said than done.   These days, there are plenty of candidates with sparkling resumes. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to list claimed accomplishments than to truly be the driver…


Appreciation and Gratitude

November 17, 2022

Leadership November 17, 2022/Leadership Thoughtful, sincere praise might be the most underutilized gift leaders can give.    Everybody wants to feel that they are valued, and be recognized for it.   The holidays is the time in the calendar that managers often do this most deliberately. Whether it’s bonuses, personalized notes, 1:1 meetings, or something…


Kryptonite for Decision-Making

November 10, 2022

Investment November 10, 2022/Investment Few things are more important in business, and in life, than good judgment.    Believe it or not… Judgment is a skill that we learn and cultivate. It isn’t a personal trait that you have or don’t have.    There are many ways to develop good judgment, but right now I…


Yes! Your Job Can Be Creative

November 1, 2022

Leadership November 1, 2022/Leadership I heard a quote recently that really resonated with me. “Creativity starts with an empty calendar and ends with a full one.”   With all the demands of work and life, it’s very easy to fill up every waking minute with focused and productive activities. I have also noticed over the…


Quiet Quitting Shouldn’t Be Controversial

October 20, 2022

Leadership October 20, 2022/Leadership Media has been filled with stories about “quiet quitting”.    These stories often have a tone of indignation: what is wrong with workers today?   If you aren’t familiar, quiet quitting refers to workers who stop making any extra effort. I believe employers who think this is outrageous are misunderstanding something…


Predictions, Demographics… and Money

October 7, 2022

Investment October 7, 2022/Investment Many people find demographics boring – just another kind of statistics.   I’m not going to bore you with math or charts, but let’s talk about how powerful demographics can be.   Demographics are all about the big trends in a society. If you pay attention to the direction of change,…


Getting To The Point

September 29, 2022

Investment September 29, 2022/Investment To paraphrase Mark Twain, sorry for writing such a long letter, I would have written a shorter one, but I didn’t have the time.    Don’t worry, this piece isn’t actually long. I have a point and I’ll get right to it.    These days, business communications are often rambling and…


Case Study: Lease Renewal… Win-Win

September 21, 2022

Investment September 21, 2022/Investment Fear of vacancy runs deep for many commercial property owners.   A looming lease termination date means uncertainty, and often difficult negotiations.    Many commercial real estate property owners will sell in the few years before a lease terminates… And often, their risk aversion is Alliance’s opportunity.   Some of our…


Compound Interest… Compound Habits

September 15, 2022

Leadership September 15, 2022/Leadership What’s the secret to your success?    You hear questions like this all the time these days… at networking events, podcast interviews, fairy tale memoirs.   I don’t intend to sound dismissive, I find myself asking this kind of question sometimes also. Underneath this question is a terrific intention to learn…


Avoiding Decision Fatigue

September 9, 2022

Leadership September 9, 2022/Leadership Business leaders have earned their stripes. We’ve honed our business judgment through years of experience and wins.    But exercising good judgment day-to-day requires more. It requires mental sharpness and vitality. Coming to each decision, and moment, with openness and a fresh mind.    For me, and many others, personal habits…


Overcoming My Self-Limiting Beliefs

August 31, 2022

Leadership August 31, 2022/Leadership For years, I built Alliance incrementally. Deal by deal.   Of course, that’s the only way to do it… but at some point it became its own kind of comfort zone.    I was “successful”, but also playing it small. While I was chasing the next win, I wasn’t then seeing…


Are You Owning It?

August 25, 2022

Leadership August 25, 2022/Leadership I’m always looking to grow as a person.    Sometimes life throws you challenges to overcome… and other times an idea emerges in your head telling you exactly what you ought to do.   One day, not too long ago, it finally occurred to me that it was time to invest…


Will Energy Disruptions Impact You?

August 19, 2022

Investment August 19, 2022/Investment Energy is getting more expensive and more complicated.   So much of what fuels our economy is cheap, reliable energy… and that has recently become more expensive and in much of the world, less reliable.   Right now, the situation is most disruptive in Europe, where an overreliance on Russian natural…


Not More Time… But More Attention

August 12, 2022

Leadership August 12, 2022/Leadership “Attention is the cash value of your time” – Sam Harris   I love this line. I believe it carries a lot of insight into how we can all be more effective in our lives.   There is a fundamental importance of being very intentional with our attention, not just our…