Director of Investor Relations

Carmen Ventrucci

Carmen Ventrucci is Alliance’s Director of Investor Relations. She focuses on fostering relationships with Alliance’s current and prospective investors. 

Her responsibilities include communications, raising capital, providing updates on current investments, preparing financial documents, and distributing preferred returns every quarter. 

She also helps onboard and interview new and prospective investors, including sharing Alliance’s track record, insights around investment strategies, upcoming investment opportunities, and answering the dozens of unique questions investors have before committing their capital.

Carmen is passionate about building high-caliber relationships.  She enjoys getting to know investors personally, understanding who they are - their concerns, their goals and their approach to life. 

She approaches life in a positive, can-do way. She loves solving problems that “just can’t be solved.”

Carmen has an extensive background in communications, business strategy, sales, process improvement, and is a seasoned real estate investor.  She loves the medical community, and prior to Alliance she was a vendor to the healthcare industry for 15+ years. Carmen holds an engineering degree from the University of Minnesota, and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.