Has GameStop Changed Wall Street?


News Has GameStop Changed Wall Street? December 17, 2021/News Over the last few weeks, the financial press has been riveted by GameStop’s wild ride. The David vs Goliath narrative draws a lot of attention, but how much have things really changed? First, a quick recap: some hedge funds bet against GameStop stock and a group…

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How Smart is Your Hiring?


News How Smart is Your Hiring? December 7, 2021/News How much work do you put into hiring a new team member at work? A typical company might review stacks of resumes, conduct hours of phone screeners, and then invest in one to three in-person interviews for top candidates. Checking references, reviewing transcripts, and giving take-home…

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Saving is a Mindset


News Saving is a Mindset December 6, 2021/News How much should you save? The retirement planning advice industry will give you precise answers, based on your age, earning power, lifestyle, etc. More generally, conventional wisdom says you should save somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of your income starting early in your career. I applaud…

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Never Stop Growing Your Business


News Never Stop Growing Your Business December 6, 2021/News When I was a kid, my uncle joked that there are only two certain things in life. Death and taxes. He wasn’t wrong, but now that I have my own kids, I put things a little differently. They don’t need to worry yet about death or…

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The Government Shutdown is Just Theater


News The Government Shutdown is Just Theater December 6, 2021/News   The recent government shutdown inspired a lot of hyperventilating. While it ended quickly, the underlying political fight has not been resolved, so we could see another government closure soon. But is this a threat to the economy? Hardly. The US economy is huge. We…

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