Positive sum mindset…. not zero sum

May 18, 2024

Investment May 18, 2024/Investment If there is a secret to business, this is it: Put energy into creating value, in addition to capturing value.    When you create value for others, they’ll want to work with you again. They’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, friendly terms, and will even go out of their…


Taking your time with due diligence

May 12, 2024

Investment May 12, 2024/Investment In investing, anybody can get lucky once, twice, even a few times. But to succeed consistently for years requires a rigorous process and real discipline.   Alliance focuses relentlessly on the investing criteria and financial guard rails that have enabled us to deliver consistent high returns for decades.   We start…


Performing in all market conditions

April 26, 2024

Investment April 26, 2024/Investment It’s no secret that higher interest rates mean a more challenging environment for investors. But market-beating returns are still possible.   Alliance delivers those returns by combining some of the best elements of other investment types, like fixed income and equity.   When we buy our favorite properties, Medical Office Buildings…


Real estate is cyclical… so timing is key

April 19, 2024

Investment April 19, 2024/Investment Anybody who’s been investing for a while has probably noticed that the economy is highly cyclical. Interest rates rise and fall. Booms alternate with recessions.    Successful real estate investors pay close attention to these cycles.   An old friend once asked me, what’s the difference between making the right call…


What’s the exit strategy?

April 12, 2024

Investment April 12, 2024/Investment Buy low and sell high is such an obvious recipe for investing success, you would think anybody could do it. In reality, it takes real market insight and a clear picture of where things are heading.    Alliance’s investors appreciate our reliable 7-9% preferred returns. But with interest rates where they…


Comfort is an enemy of growth

March 17, 2024

Investment March 17, 2024/Investment For years, I built Alliance incrementally. Deal by deal.   I was “successful”, but also playing it small. While I was chasing the next win, I wasn’t then seeing the bigger game I could be playing.   We all have blindspots. They’re the places we don’t like to look, the parts…


Cash is king for closing deals

March 14, 2024

Investment March 14, 2024/Investment Everybody knows that real estate gets financed with debt, right? Not so fast.   Recently, Alliance has started using cash purchases to close better deals, faster. This creative use of capital helps us in several ways.   Before closing a deal, due diligence is essential. Our team at Alliance takes a…


Labor costs won’t impact MOB investors

March 4, 2024

Investment March 4, 2024/Investment Alliance keeps a close eye on the healthcare industry, to understand our tenants and assess what changes might impact our investment strategies.    Recently, we’ve seen a big spike in healthcare labor costs.   The healthcare labor market has been tight ever since the early days of the pandemic. When everything…


Lender relationships help drive better returns

February 29, 2024

Investment February 29, 2024/Investment In business as well as life, nothing matters more than trust.    This is particularly important when it comes to lenders, who are extremely valuable long term partners for Alliance. Strong, trust-based lender relationships give Alliance the speed and flexibility we need to beat the market.   As real estate investors…


The market is shaking loose

February 9, 2024

Investment February 9, 2024/Investment Real estate can be a little like hunting. Seasoned investors stay patient and disciplined, then strike when the moment is right.   2023 was a quiet year in which Alliance did fewer deals than we have for a long time. This year is likely to be very different.   Last year,…


The power of leverage

February 2, 2024

Investment February 2, 2024/Investment I’m always thinking about how to increase profits and returns for Alliance’s investors. How can we get more output from the same inputs? It’s a question that interests all CEOs.   Recently, I found a new framework that addresses this question. A Silicon Valley venture capitalist named Naval Ravikant describes three…


Retirement friendly investments

January 5, 2024

Investment January 5, 2024/Investment Now more than ever, investors care deeply about protecting their capital.    I love talking to these investors because they’re such a perfect match for Alliance.    If you’re close to retirement, with some extra savings, what should you do? How can you earn a decent return on your capital, without…


Continuous improvement

December 22, 2023

Investment December 22, 2023/Investment As 2023 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect. This has been a year of intentionality and building, for both Alliance and for me personally.   Alliance has successfully moved our financing model from syndicated deals to a fund. Our new fund is off to a great start. We’ve landed…


Safety and financial upside

November 27, 2023

Investment November 27, 2023/Investment Options traders and other financial professionals might say that if you want downside protection, you have to sacrifice upside rewards. That’s not always true.   This might be true in most markets, but Alliance’s multi-decade track record is proof that it is actually possible to find super safe investments that also…


Boost returns by adding value

November 2, 2023

Investment November 2, 2023/Investment   To make profitable deals, we first need to find the right properties.    Our broad industry network helps clue us into potential deals, and our deep expertise in valuation helps us figure out which ones are worth pursuing.   Valuation is tricky and it’s important to not judge a book,…