Our Approach To Deals

Our investment philosophy is straightforward and reliable. Properties must meet our standards before we consider them for our portfolio. Our investors know that we perform a thorough due diligence on the property, local market, tenant and financial forecasting as the table stakes for any potential deal.

We take a conservative approach to new investments, while providing returns that exceed expectations.

Investors receive two income streams

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Fixed Income

• Cash flow from tenant is passed through to you on a quarterly basis.
• Annualized return: Typically 6-13%

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Asset Sale

• Our philosophy is to buy for the long term. When the price is right, and we decide to sell, those profits are passed through to you.
• Annualized return: Typically 15-30%

Disclaimer: Prior performance is not always indicative of future performance. Performance of individual properties varies based on risk.

Why invest with Alliance?

We don’t pool investments. Instead, you can hand pick which properties you would like to be involved with. Before you commit, we’ll share our projections and risk assessment with you. Then you decide whether to invest.


Our strong reputation gives us access to deals that most investors don’t get. Property sellers and their teams want to work with Alliance. Being a preferred buyer gives us access to opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.


We know exactly how to properly evaluate prospective properties. Our deep industry know-how means we can properly assess risk and determine the right price point. Once we own a property, we are experts at maximizing the long-term value by investing in the property, in tenant relationships, and by monitoring real estate trends.

Strong Historical Returns

Our financial performance has been very strong. For a typical deal, our minimum annual return “ranges” between 6-13% on a current annual cash return basis. This steady income strongly outperforms various other investments- e.g. equities and bonds. We also know when to sell, with historical annualized return between 15-30%.