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We don’t believe negotiations are a zero-sum game. It’s a journey that we embark on together to overcome the many regulatory, legal, financial and other obstacles that it takes to reach closing together.

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We Work To Make Sure Every Party Profits


Net Lease Medical Properties

• Top 50 MSA’s
• Purchase Price between $3-25 Million
• Rental Growth in the initial lease term
• Tenant has large investment in property (no general medical office)

Why Sellers Choose Alliance

We are in this with you. A firm that only acts in its own best interest won’t get far. Collectively, Alliance possesses decades of commercial real estate experience. You can expect our commitment to a quick close. We provide transparency throughout the entire investment process.


They trust and believe in our work. Our deals don’t get stalled due to funding issues. We have the resources to follow through on a quick timeline, giving you peace of mind. Our investors know we only focus on high value properties that will close.


If we put a property under contract, you can expect a determined effort to close. Not only do sellers assume this of us, our investors know it to be true. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We serve our best interests by taking care of you.


We realize that our success is tied to your property. Our profit comes from the value added through asset and property management post-acquisition. By treating our clients with respect, we have an established reputation of becoming the preferred buyer.

Learn from some of the sellers we have bought from what it's like working with Alliance.

Seller: Dr. Randy Bottner

Seller: Dr. Robert Lewis

Seller: Julie Simpson

Seller: Dr. George Katsitadze

What stands out about Alliance is their thoroughness and attention to detail. This is how they consistently manage to enhance the value of their assets. It’s also what makes managing their financial books so seamless. They know the figures on any deal down to the smallest line items. Additionally, Alliance always puts their investors first, which makes investing with them a pleasure.

Gerald Frishman
CPA, former Managing Partner and Current Counsel of Warady & Davis, LLP

I have been a long time investor with Alliance. They continually find real estate winners and have consistently outperformed the real estate market overall. My Alliance investments are a strong component of my portfolio.

Frank Napolitano
former CEO of Prime International Trading

The Alliance team conducts themselves with honesty and integrity throughout the negotiating process. As an attorney, I’ve been on both sides of the table for many commercial transactions. Alliance stands out in their professionalism and fairness.

Hayward J. Kaiser
Partner at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

My firm has worked for years as the sales broker for Alliance’s properties. Selling an Alliance property is seamless, because when Alliance acquires, they are detailed and conservative in their underwriting and approach. These assets are well-positioned and are made up of high-quality stable tenants, who have an invested future in their buildings and the immediate community for the long term. Alliance properties consistently sell quicker and at premiums relative to industry benchmarks because of the hard work leading up to that capital event.

Stan Johnson Company

I’ve provided financial lending to Alliance since 2015. I trust the Alliance team with their word, creditworthiness and investment instincts. They have met every financial obligation to BrandBank and are professional to work with. I have full confidence in their ability to find solutions that serve all parties.

Jennifer Bridwell
of BrandBank

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